MiiBottle has one job, to help you blend the best smoothies in 30 seconds ANYWHERE.


home, school, gym, work, ANYWHERE  :)

How does it work?

Step 1

load the bottle with your favourite fruits/veggies.

Step 2

press the magic button twice

Step 3

enjoy freshly made smoothie in 30 seconds

why it is special

  • Large Cup

    400ml per cup

  • Light Weight

    495g for easy carry

  • Lots of Power

    Single charge last up to 15 cups


Can I use it as my protein shaker?

Certainly. Add protein power, water and any other ingredients to your pre/post workout drink. 

Is the product safe to be use? Would I cut myself?

The knife is concealed during the entire blending process and you will not be able to make contact with the knife. If the bottle and the blend knife is separated for any reason, the product will immediately stop operating to ensure safety.

Is it easy to clean?

The bottle and the knife are both easy to clean, just run under water as you would do any dishes.

My bottle is damaged in transit.

Send us an email, we will take care of your bottle right away.

World Wide Free Shipping?

Yes, we offer world wide free shipping. However, due to strong demand, the typical shipping time is around 2-4 weeks.

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